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Takes you on an urban hideaway, uniquely cultured in re-awakening of the senses, restore balances and rejuvenate body, mind & soul.

In the journey of life, the most gracious gift is that of wellness. If you have it, then you can experience life to its fullest potential. Donald Spas offer an opportunity for one to embrace good health, through the prevention of illness, early intervention and health promotion within a Spa environment. This is achieved through a well thought of new dimensions in integrated holistic healthcare combining the best of allopathic and natural medicine with the added combination of traditional healing and naturally inspired facial and body care systems. Most often an easily treatable ailment turns into a complex disease, simply because adequate preventive measures at the appropriate time had not been taken. We educate you to be aware of your body's requirement and encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Donald Spas offers more than for temporary relaxation or short-term rejuvenation, but a place to rediscover and integrate you. 
We help calm the mind, balance the body and nurture the soul so that the body is fortified and the mind strengthened, making it possible for you to renew your vigor for life. We make you believe in yourself, initiate change, be motivated and learn to live life. We want you to enjoy every moment of the grace of life, the gift of breath and make a celebration of life. This would be achieved by the fusion of the charm of traditional healing skills, the precision of modern integrated holistic healthcare and modern skin & body care preparations and the bounteous gift of the self-healing powers of the individual.

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